"Beef" Sukiyaki – It's What's For Dinner

I originally bit this recipe off my friend Gina, except she was using actual beef...and I think egg, which is how it is traditionally made. Obviously, I tweaked the recipe so that there aren't any dead things in it. It is really, REALLY yummy and quite healthy...especially if you cut back on the sugar, which I do.
Sukiyaki is a Japanese one-pot meal which is usually cooked at the table as you eat, but I do not have an electric skillet so I just make it in a large, deep pan on the stove then serve it.

Yields 4 servings

1 lb. "beef" or "chicken" seitan cubed or cut into bite-sized strips.

1 package tofu shirataki noodles  or cellophane noodles, washed and drained, cut into 3" lengths. (I use the shirataki noodles. 40 calories in the whole package!!)

8-10 shiitake mushrooms, stems removed.

1 enoki mushroom, trimmed, or I sometimes - like today - use white beech mushrooms if I can't get to Japan Town.

1 leek, washed and cut into 2" wide pieces. (I usually just thinly slice it so it's in little circles.)

1/2 green cabbage, washed and cut into 2" lengths. (The recipe calles for Chinese cabbage, but I have yet to use that...regular ol' green cabbage works just fine.)

12-16 oz. braised tofu. Cut into bite-sized cubes and dry pan-fry until golden brownish on all sides. (Tip: I always freeze extra firm tofu then defrost it just before using it. This makes it extra, extra firm.)

For sukiyaki sauce:
1/3 c. soy sauce (shoyu/tamari).

3 tbsp. cooking sake.

5 tbsp. sugar. ( I use 2 tbsp.)

3/4 c. water

Mix soy sauce, sake, sugar and water to make sukiyaki sauce.

Heat a small amount of oil in the large pan. Fry the "beef" or "chicken" slices until they start to brown. Pour sukiyaki sauce in the pan. Add all other ingredients when sauce begins to boil. Simmer until all ingredients are softened. You may need to add a little more water, I usually do. Serve and enjoy!

I have attached the nutritional value which I got from the recipe builder on the livestrong site. (Note: I entered 5 tbsp. sugar, but like I said before, I usually only use 2 tbsp.)