Flying the not so vegan-friendly skies

I'm off for my summer holidays. Fleeing dreary San Francisco for *hopefully* sunny and definitely warm Chicago and then NYC for the next ten days! May not be as exotic as I had planned, but I am super excited just the same! 

Since I am not flying Virgin America (or getting to check out Terminal 2 at, I need to prepare some snacks for the flight(s). I usually rely on trusty raw almonds in pre-packaged single servings (Trader Joe's Just a Handful), but you can easily make your own individual serving sized bags. Just use the little snack-sized ziplocks and put about 22 almonds in. It comes out to around 200 calories of pure energy and protein! Don't sweat the fat in's the good kind, I swear! I'll elaborate later on why it is so good for you...apparently we need to boogie on outta here if we're going to make out plane! Yikes!

What do you bring along to nibble on when you travel?


  1. United, of all airlines, actually offers vegan meals if ordered in advance. Of course you still have to pay for them! Both United and Continental offer "snack boxes" that contain mainly vegan items (hummus, nuts, olives, crackers, dark chocolate) with one dairy and/or meat product. But I usually hit Trader Joe's for a bag of rosemary marcona almonds, then pick up fruit at the airport (since I have actually had an orange confiscated by TSA, bless their hearts).

  2. What Judi said!

    My issue on planes is that I absolutely DETEST peanuts. At least when I was a kid, the peanuts were honey roasted -- but now, no such luxury.

    When we fly long haul on United or BA or the like, we always request special meals. And can I tell you? The Veggie meal I had on BA when we were on our way to Rome was SO good that I actually for real looked forward to having it again on the trip home. Seriously. It wasn't just the free wine talking, that shit was good!

  3. I was armed with the 'Just a handful' raw almonds from TJ's on the way out. Good thing too...they had no food or snacks whatsoever on our outbound flight to Chicago. Marcona's with rosemary held me over on the way to New York, then on the flight home we ordered the hummus, nuts, [squished] olives and crackers meal dealio. It was perfectly fine and held both of us over until we arrived in SF. In my travel experiences, the vegan meals are always the yummiest for sure!


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