"B"LT and A Wraps: When You Really Don't Feel Like "Making" Dinner

After eating Fakin' Bacon for years and kiiiiinda liking it but not really, I decided to explore the world of vegan "bacon" online. I tried a few recipes that used tofu instead of tempeh, then basically just made my own version up and guess what? It rocks! You can make the "bacon" ahead of time and freeze it (which also makes for a firmer tofu) for even quicker prep time.


1 block extra firm tofu. (I keep these in the freezer for more firmness, just defrost first.)
4 TBSP tamari.
2 TBSP rice vinegar. (You can use apple cider vinegar in a pinch.)
2-4 TBSP nutritional yeast.
A couple drops liquid smoke flavoring.
Sweet smoked paprika to taste.
Any flavor wrap you like. I usually use plain, old flour tortillas since they are the most pliable and I tend to overstuff my wraps. Sometimes corn or flax wraps will crack.
1-2 large tomatoes.
Fresh lettuce or other green leafy veg. I use romaine.
1 large, preferably California avocado.
Reduced fat Vegenaise (Hands-down the BEST vegan "mayo" out there.)


Defrost the tofu by either leaving it out or using the evil microwave. If you are using tofu that has just been refrigerated, let it drain on some towels for 10-15 minutes. You can press it with books to make it firmer if you like. This step drives me crazy, that's why I just freeze mine. Comes out just as firm and saves time.

Slice the tofu into 8-12 slices about 1/4" or less thick.

Mix tamari, nutritional yeast, liquid smoke and rice vinegar together.

Put tofu slices in either a large ziplock bag or flat baking dish and pour the marinade over the top, making sure to get it on all sides of the tofu slices. Add some paprika.

Let tofu marinate for 15 minutes (or longer).  If you made extra (I did!) you can freeze the rest at this point by storing in a ziplock.

Heat a large frying pan over med-high heat and spray lightly with cooking oil.

Fry tofu slices until browned (not burned!) sprinkling the paprika on top as you go. It takes about 3-4 minutes to get a nice browned and crispy consistency. Flip and repeat. If it's not crispy enough, you can always add more oil and turn up the heat, but I found that wasn't necessary.

At this point, prepare your wrap by spreading some Vegenaise all over it, then add your lettuce, tomato and avocado.

Once the "bacon" is finished, carefully place 4-6 slices on top of the other toppings and Wrap. It. Up.

If you want even more flavoring, I'm a big fan of Tajin (as you already know), which is a Mexican chili-lime seasoning that makes everything better, or you could sprinkle some fresh pepper, basil, garlic or oregano in there as well.

Serve with a side if you want, but it's really not necessary. Just a crisp dill pickle will do. Dig in! Let me know what you think. I think it's genius, but I'd love to hear your reviews!


  1. oh GOD I MUST MARINATE + EAT LOTS OF TOFU NOW. One of my very favorite things to do! I use Soy Vey Teriyaki sauce unless I don't have any and have to make the marinade myself ... MMMMMMMM. SO GOOD. I end up eating a lot of it right out of the pan, though :/

  2. I always freeze my tofu and then squeeze out the excess liquid before using - I just squash it with my hands and paper towels. Thawed, firm tofu is also my go-to for scrambled "eggs" because it crumbles nicely. For a truly lazy-ass breakfast, get a packet of Knorr Spring Vegetable soup mix. Mix it with water (maybe 1/4 cup, more or less) to let the dried veggies rehydrate. Meanwhile, sautee some green onions in olive oil, toss in the tofu to get a little golden. Then throw in the soup mix and stir it around. Serve it up with fresh salsa and torillas. Caveat: It's full of sodium and MSG, so plan to blow up like a balloon. But OMG it's good.


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